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Kneading Neck Portable Wireless Massager - Your Pain Reliver

Kneading Neck Portable Wireless Massager - Your Pain Reliver

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Let You Relax

Slow down your fast-paced lifestyle to a snail's pace in a fast-paced city or under the pressure of work. A quality massager will let you relax and start enjoying your moments of rest.

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neck massager for cervical pain


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Upgrade 6-Head Massage

Expand the massage area to better fit the shoulder and neck curves, and provide a more effective massage force.

10 Minutes Smart Shutdown

Avoid excessive massage and automatically turn it off after 10 minutes. Relieving neck soreness is just right.

Noise Reduction Upgrade

Upgrade the noise reduction motor, even if you massage in the library or office, you don't worry about disturbing others.

neck and back massager

massager machine for pain relief

waist massager

Easy To Use

One-Button Start, Easy to Operate. Elderly people can also easily use it. The mode strength can be adjusted according to one's bearing capacity.

Unique Heat Compress

The optional heating function adds gentle warmth that helps to improve the massage effect, and simultaneously improve blood circulation.

Detachable Cloth Cover

High tech skin-friendly fabric is comfortable to use. The inner lining of the massage area can be removed and washed, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at all times.

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